lundi 10 novembre 2008

Praliné's back!! Wat about her camera?

Hi everyone, i'm not here for u, i'm here for...hum... Well i just need to write sth about wat happenned to me yesterday and today.

Yestesday, well-dessed and her hair pretty well-done, Praliné decided to take som pics of her (like always). And there it is:
"- Praliné: Oh my God!
- Praliné's boyfriend: Wat wat wat!!!
- My camera doesnt work anymore baby oh nooooooooo!
- Check out whether it's the batteries which are low or sth.
- NOOOO! The batteries are not low, MY CAMERA IS DEAD!! Im gona take it to the after-sales service tomorrow.
- Ok..."

So, tomorrow, Praliné took her camera, went to school with this big box in her bag and then took it to the after-sales service:
"-Praliné: Hi madam! My camera doesnt work anymore. It's dead and it's not the batteries, i bought them, just check it out if you want.
- After-sales lady: Ok. I'll try with my batteries.
- I just told u it's not a matter of battery, but if you want just check it out..Never knows...
- (...)
- Oh... So...t'was the batteries?(embarrassaed)
- Well, actually, yes!
- But i'd just charged them before!
- When?
- Hmmmm...About 1week ago...
- Yea so it needs to be charged again miss!
- Oh, i didnt know dat...Ok...Sorry for botherin..."

Praliné took her camera with her BIG BOX and walked away:
- Praliné's boyfriend: I TOOOOOOOOOOLD U!!!!!! (dancin, singin it around)
- Praliné: Well...u didnt even tell me!
- I didnt tell u, Praliné? (threatening me)
- YEA YEA ok u told me ok right! (grrrrr)"

My batteries are still charging...