lundi 7 avril 2008

Small change...

Ok. I guess many of you r gonna be HAPPY! Praliné is gona buy the phone she desires (SGH J700) on 23th april (dnt ask her why she gotta wait til this date otherwise she'll start cryin).

Ok. I'll tell u a lil about it:
"- Hi, i would like to know how many credits i hav on my account.
- Ok, ur phone number please?
- 06 .. .. .. .. ..
- Ok. U hav 1193 credits.
- WAT? Do u mean, dear mister The-phone-seller, that i need to wait for 1 month more? For only 7 credits?
- Exactly, u get it! (playin with his own phone grrr)
- Ok then u gonna listen to me... GIVE ME THIS PHONE TODAY I NEEEED IT! (lie)
- I'm sorry but u'll hav to wait.
- (And u'll hav to shut ur mouth next time...)"

Anyway, i'll get it... SOOOOOO! There are only 2 items left for u to buy Praliné (if yall remember im talkin about my laptop and my piano).

Elle est pas belle la vie?

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pierre ledain a dit…

hey hey bah si la vie elle est belle lol,u nouveau téléphone,faudra que je le rajoute sur le dessin,lol.